Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sony: XBLA Achievement Change Won't Affect Trophies

Earlier this week, some interesting news hit the wire. What started as an unsubstantiated rumor was eventually confirmed by Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb: Achievements for XBLA games would be lifted from 200 points to 400 points

Of course, how this may affect PlayStation Network titles remained to be seen. After all, while both PSN and XBLA have their fair share of exclusives, the services share a majority of their games. Would Microsoft's new policy have any effect on how Sony doles out its Trophies? We went straight to the source for an answer. 

"There are plenty of downloadable games on PSN that currently offer Platinum Trophies," an SCEA spokesman told us. This is true; Sony seems to randomly give some PSN games – ones such as Dead Nation, Rocketbirds and Trine – Platinum Trophies, while not giving them to most others. 

The spokesman went on, noting that Sony has "a standard and consistent system to determine the Trophies available for a particular game. The overall scope of the game determines the Trophies available, not method of distribution." 

So it appears that, at least for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita gamers, nothing will change following Microsoft's new XBLA Achievement policy. Sony seems to judge the games themselves with unknown parameters to figure out what kind of Trophy support it will get in lieu of using a blanket policy to determine what all PSN games get.  


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