Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC on the Way?

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer may have downloadable content coming soon.

A screenshot currently being passed around Reddit shows several downloadable characters supposedly on the way to the game's multiplayer component.
- Reddit

The image allegedly comes from someone who "downloaded test DLC on the developer server" and uploaded a screenshot to Facebook. The uploader claims "it's an unknown pack" that "unlocked everything" once purchased. 

Multiplayer characters can be unlocked by purchasing "packs" in the Mass Effect 3 store, though none of the characters pictured are currently included. If the picture is legitimate, it would mark the third major DLC leak for Mass Effect 3, following the game's multiplayer beta back in November and the From Ashes DLC pack last month

We've reached out to BioWare to see if they'll confirm whether or not the DLC is legitimate. This story will be updated with any comment we receive. 



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