Ninja Gaiden 2 Review.

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Walking Dead Game Teaser Trailer

Get a glimpse of the horror in Telltale Games' new adventure game

EA: Mass Effect 3 'From Ashes' DLC Not On Disc

Statement issued in response to fan allegations.

Do We Really Need a PC Games Console?

GDC came and went without the predicted 'SteamBox.' But Valve may still have plans.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Apple Announces March 7 iPad 3 Event

Earlier reports were right on the nose. Apple has finally sent out invitations for the iPad 3 event for March 7, showing off what looks to be a hi-res tablet display.
The event will be held at 10AM PST at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco, the usual location for company's big announcements.
Apple's next iPad is expected to be equipped with a Retina Display, an updated processor and cameras, and possible 4G LTE connectivity. For a rundown of all of the iPad 3 rumors and speculations, make sure to head over to our iPad Wiki.

Video from Abandoned Batman Game Surfaces

Gameplay footage from abandoned Batman game Gotham by Gaslight has surfaced.

Earlier this year, concept art emerged from a Gotham by Gaslight game pitched to THQ. Now, a source has provided Siliconera with video of an animation prototype allegedly from the same project. According to their report, the game was in development by Day 1 Studios, the developers behind FEAR 3 and Fracture, before being canceled.

Video of Gotham by Gaslight (Originally via Siliconera)

Siliconera reports that the game was based upon Batman spinoff comic Gotham by Gaslight, a Batman story released in the 1980sand set in the Victorian era. The game "was designed with a foggy world for Batman to explore and he would have the ability to see in the dark. Day 1 Studios tried to work with THQ to publish the game, but after an unsuccessful pitch Gotham by Gaslight was canned."

Kill Hitler in Sniper Elite V2

As a pre-order incentive.

February 28, 2012

505 Games has announced that players who pre-order Sniper Elite V2 will have the chance to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

A single-player mission called "Kill the F├╝hrer" will be available to customers who pre-order. According to 505, players will have the chance to shoot Hitler while he "is returning from Berchtesgaden to Berlin via his personal train. Players must intercept the train as it waits at the station and take down the Fuhrer as he hastily makes way for the station on foot." Two exclusive weapons will also be included: a Soviet SVT-40 and a German Kar 98.

Developed by Rebellion Games, Sniper Elite V2 is the follow-up to 2005's Sniper Elite. It takes place during the last days of World War II and, as the name implies, features sniper missions. 

Sniper Elite V2 will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on May 1st in North America and May 4th in the UK.

Microsoft Announces Gloss White Xbox 360 Bundle

New white finish, two games and three months of XBL for $299.

Looking for a sleek gloss white Xbox 360 and Kinect but not the Star Wars Kinect bundle? Microsoft's new special edition Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Bundle might pique your interest.
Available today for $299, the new bundle comes with a new glossy white 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect sensor and controller, as well as a Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and three months of Xbox Live Gold.

Naughty Dog Says PS3/Vita Can Do What Wii U Does

Now I do agree that the PS3 & Vita could do what the Wii U does. Question is will developers make it happen? My guess is probably not or very few games will do it. Because they need to rely on consumers to own a PS3 & Vita vs the Wii U where they just need to buy the Wii U console/controller. For that reason alone I don’t see very many Wii U type games using the PS3/Vita combo.
Below is part of a interview that NowGamer did with Justin Richmond the Game Director at Naughty Dog.
Obviously you won’t develop for Wii U, but I want to get your thoughts on the hardware. Does the console spark your imagination in any way?
Justin Richmond: To be honest with you, the idea of it is very, very cool. But there’s nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn’t. You know, it’s an interesting piece of technology, and I’m interested to see how people use it.
I’m not completely sold yet. That the screen isn’t multi-touch, that’s a little weird. It seems there are some very strange holes in it, but to be fair, last time I was sceptical of the original Wii, and look at how that did. I’m sure that he games they make for Wii U will be amazing.

Composer confirms work on 'God of War IV' [update]

The man behind the orchestral arrangements for Valve's upcoming Dota 2, as well as orchestration in films like the recent remake of Halloween, claims to be working on the music for "God of War IV." Timothy Williams lists the unannounced God of War entry in his resume under "Video Games," and he denotes it as an "upcoming" title.

This isn't the first time we've seen news of another God of War title popping up; this development follows a pair of job listings calling for talent to work on an unannounced God of War title at Sony's Santa Monica studios. The word on the street - yes, we're from the streets - is that the next, still unannounced God of War entry will arrive in time for fall 2012. Sony, meanwhile, hasn't said a peep, though we've reached out for comment once more all the same.

Update: Sony tells us, "We do not comment on rumors or speculation about our products."

Update 2: Timothy Williams confirmed the listing as accurate to Joystiq and explained that he is, "working on it in the capacity of orchestrations and some additional music," but wanted to note that Tyler Bates is the "main composer" and should be listed as such. Bates had yet to return request for comment as of this update.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Takes Top Spot on UK Charts

PS Vita has made a strong start in the UK with Vita games dominating the All Formats Chart. 

There were 23 Vita titles available at retail for the Vita launch but two Vita games in particular have bolted straight out of the gate;Uncharted: Golden Abyss and FIFA Football sit at #1 and #2 on the All Formats Chart. These two games alone have accounted for 50 per cent of sales units. 

Rayman Origins rose 31 places to #5 thanks to the new Vita version, while Wipeout 2048 just missed the top 10, entering at #11. 

Chart-Track also reports that 79% of UK Vita sales in its first week were for the Wi-Fi version. 

More Medal of Honor: Warfighter Details Surface Australia, February 27, 2012

More details about EA's other modern military first-person shooter have appeared online. 

Warfighter's story will again loosely follow actual events and has reportedly been co-written by real Tier 1 operators while off-mission. 

Preacher, Voodoo, Mother and other central players from the last game will return, and one location that has been mentioned is a flooded Isabela City in the Philippines. 

In terms of multiplayer, fans should be able to expect a hardcore one-shot-kill mode and some form of co-op support. Other non-U.S. Special Forces will be represented for the first time too, including the British SAS, Australian SASR, Polish GROM and German KSK, reports OXM US via CVG

Care to debate about who would who eat who for breakfast? Wish to express your concern that none of these initial Warfighter details include any information about beards? Do it below. 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Pokemon Black & White 2 Release Window Announced

UPDATED: Nintendo of America has specified a release window for its territories - fall 2012. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Over the weekend it was announced that Pokemon Black & White 2 were coming to Nintendo DS this year. 

This morning Nintendo has confirmed that both games will be released in Europe this autumn. The games will be released in Japan this June, with no release date yet set for North America. 

So far little is known about the new games, but the official Japanese Pokemon website has been updated, stating that "mysterious legendary Pokemon" will put in an appearance. 

It's also been speculated that due to the Black 2 and White 2 branding the games could be a direct sequels of sorts to Black and White. 

Mortal Kombat (Komplete Edition) - Kompete Killing Trailer

watch the new mortal kombat trailer for mortal kombat komplete edition named with komplete killing

Fun Facts About Golden Axe

by IGN 
When you spend enough time with a person - be it a sibling, a friend, or a spouse - you come to appreciate their quirks and foibles. Sometimes you'll find those quirks to be unbearably annoying, other times downright hilarious. The flipside, of course, is that you learn how to press their buttons and chuckle uncontrollably as they respond in precisely the way you expected. After 20 years, that pretty much sums up my relationship with Golden Axe on Mega Drive/Genesis. I quite literally know how to press its buttons and have a good old chortle when the expected hilarity ensues. Allow me to let you in on the joke.


Before we begin, however, something needs to be acknowledged: 

... There are no actual golden axes in Golden Axe... 

Well, that's not entirely true. The dwarf wielded a golden axe in the arcade version, but its brilliant yellow sheen was lost in the migration to the Mega Drive/Genesis (hereafter referred to as Mega Drive - sorry America). Why someone would neglect to carry over something so fundamental to the title is anybody's guess, but I would like to offer up a few theories. 
False advertising?

Theory Number One relates to the Japanese Kanji characters behind the English title text. It essentially reads "Battle Axe" or "War Axe", with some interesting war-like embellishments. The rest of this equation is a chicken and egg question: does the "Battle Axe" still refer to the dwarf's weapon of choice, or does it refer to the game's "main" character (and Golden Axe fans know that I use that term very loosely), Ax Battler? I am inclined to say the former, but the blue-booted barbarian did go on to star in his own Game Gear title, Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe two years later. 

The instruction manual reckons that the game's villain Death Adder wields the Golden Axe, and yet it is so blatantly brown in both the arcade and home versions. 
Arcade Gold versus Arcade Brown.

Either way it's fair to say that Team Shinobi *probably* didn't think the game was about a golden axe when they ported it to the Mega Drive. 


Something else that was lost in translation, or perhaps gained, is the mystery of Deb's house. 
Who is Deb?

For years I would ponder the meaning of "DEB", inscribed on a plaque above an unassuming doorway. What is Deb? Who is Deb? Is it the name of those two bruisers bursting out the door? It wasn't until I noted the plaque's absence from the arcade version that I realised: this is an inn, and that sign is meant to read "BED"! In the Japanese tradition of reading from right to left, the word was written backwards. It's a curious thing, because someone went out of their way to add this to the Mega Drive version. Someone wanted to tell us what that building was normally for. 


The main source of Golden Axe's hilarity is its piss-poor enemy AI. Even using the term "AI" is pushing it, unless the 'I' stands for 'Idiot'. Something you'll learn very quickly is that an enemy in Golden Axe will always take the most direct route to reach you. The next thing you'll notice is that there are a lot of cliffs, pits, and ledges for them to walk off in their efforts to meet you. Like so: 

The key is to simply stand in the right place and they'll follow without question. Some enemies need a little more encouragement, but it's nothing a quick jump attack or barge can't fix. 


This brings me to an old favourite, the Barge 'n' Dodge. It doesn't take long to realise that most enemies will snap into a run-and-barge animation as soon as you're a certain distance away. So, the trick is - find your favourite ledge and stand near it, keeping that barge-enticing distance from the oncoming foe. Sure as eggs, he'll barge at you, but you've already moved out of his way as he sails to a bottomless doom: 

Be forewarned, though, if you're a bit tardy with the D-pad, you're going down with him. It's a classic case of risk and reward, so there's always a hint of excitement there. 

My favourite variation of the Barge 'n' Dodge takes place at the beginning of Stage 7. All you need to do is run and barge across the divide and wait on the tiny strip of ground for your enemy to chase you. 
He'll get a small hit on you. The difference is you'll land and he won't.


Now, the barge, when operated correctly, can be a very valuable asset. In fact, there isn't an enemy in Golden Axe that can withstand the power of a simple barge. I call this one the Argy-Bargy, and the trick is to separate two enemies with one on either side. Then run and barge back and forth, alternating between the enemies on your left and right side. This is better achieved in single player mode, but with timing and caution two players can make it look pretty damn cool: 
Like Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis in Sidekicks.


I actually call this one the "I'm-the-King-of-the-Castle-and-You're-the-Dirty-Rascal" play, but for posterity's sake you can just call it the King of the Hill. The beginning of Stage 4 is a race to the top. Run and jump to the top of the rafters, stand in the centre of the platform's edge, then start jumping and hacking like a mad dog. It doesn't matter if they're in line with you or not, your pursuers will glide gracefully into your blade and land face-first in the cobblestones below. 
Let me axe you a question.


I was once of the belief that Death Bringer's skeletal minions were the toughest blighters in the game – what with them being invincible skeleton warriors and all – and don't get me wrong, if you're playing alone, they still are. But my sister brought this to my attention when we were last playing. "Do you know the Skeleton Trick?" she asked me. 

"The Skeleton Trick?!" 

"Yeah, you get one guy to walk up and down so the skeletons follow him, while the other guy takes down the boss." 
Also known as the Pied Piper technique.

And you know what? It really works. Those stupid skeletons will follow you up and down all day if you let them, and they won't so much as lay a hand on you. It was such a revelation I couldn't believe I hadn't tried it sooner. 


I don't know why I was surprised. My sister's always had it in for those skeletons. This is her other favourite skeleton exploit, which I have dubbed The Daisycutter. All it involves is standing on a lower-set platform and hacking at their magical knee-caps: 
How do they hold together?


The comedy keeps coming long after the game ends. Golden Axe's end credits are arguably the most entertaining of any video game, and offer us a rare glimpse into the developers' psyche. Like this: 
Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Team Shinobi really like their alcohol. Initially I thought they had named only a handful of enemies after beer ingredients – Sergeant Malt, Sergeant Hop, and Colonel Bitter – but upon closer inspection, I was astonished to discover that almost every enemy character had been named after choice lagers and spirits from all around the world. Heninger is just one 'N' away from a German beer, Henninger Premium Lager. General Heartland is named after a Bavarian black lager of the same name. 
Your enemies have met their match.

Storchinaya is a minor mistranslation of Stolichnaya, the famous Russian vodka. Lemanaya – Storchinaya's palette-swapped sister – is simply Lemonaya, Stolichnaya's lemon-flavoured cocktail mixer. Storchinaya's siblings turned out to be more obscure Russian references. Gruziya is another name for Georgia, the former Soviet state, while Strobaya is a Russian restaurant in Tokyo. You might also recognise it as the name of a steroid-bound wrestler in the St. Petersburg level of Strider. 

Two characters that aren't named after beers or Russia are the Bad Brothers, who are weirdly reminiscent of the Hammer Brothers from Super Mario Bros. I mean, they're brothers, they wield hammers, and they hang about in Turtle Village… 
Coincidence? You decide!


The credits roll on and so do the hits. You may find this hard to believe, but the usual name for a two-legged dragon with a rooster's head is a "Cockatrice" (Elizabethan literature – long story). The person who put them in Golden Axe probably couldn't be bothered explaining this, and so now we're left with "Chicken-Leg". You may also recognise "Chicken-Leg" from his return appearance in Altered Beast. 
It's kind of like a chicken... I guess, and it certainly has legs. I christen thee Chicken-Leg!

The instruction manual calls them something else entirely: Bizarrians. Bizarre but true. 


And then there are the diminutive thieves. Apparently the Blue Thief deals in "pot", which might explain the strange sight of lightning, lava, and dragons when you use the stuff. Magic indeed. 
Quick! Kill them!

Which reminds me, when I've had my fill of magic and there's a Blue Thief doddering about, I always find it fun to kick him down a hole: 
"This is madness!"... "THIS IS SPARTA!!"


Finally we get to our main characters. Ax Battler, you'll be astonished to find, wields no axe at all. 
But then, are you really surprised by anything at this point?

Tyris Flare's weight is not disclosed, because hey, it would be rude to ask her, and, well, look at her! Would you ask her?! Gilius Thunderhead is the most appropriately named of the three; after all, he does pack a rather mighty head-butt. 


The guys at Team Shinobi saved the best names for themselves. Software designer "Moto CBX1000" appears to have named himself after his favourite Honda motorbike. "Kyonsy Kyonsy" provided the visual effects for his name, and the game as well. "Decky" the sound designer likes to mix it up. So does Assistant Programmer "Vinyl Boy". "S2" could refer to a Soviet submarine, a Finnish torpedo boat, or a turbo-charged sports car, but in this case it's the name of the other Assistant Programmer. To top it all off, we have Director "Bros 400" (another Honda motorbike!) and Assistant Director "Opa-Opa" (the living, egg-shaped spaceship protagonist from Fantasy Zone!) 
Software Design proudly brought to you by Honda!

Was game development so shameful an occupation in Japan that they feared to attach their real names to such a great game? I'd be kicking myself when resume-writing time rolled around. Sometimes, for peace of mind, I like to imagine that the credits are more like sponsorship deals than roll calls. 

In any other game, all of this would be joyless nit-picking, but with Golden Axe it's more like an Easter egg hunt. Every weird habit; every idiosyncrasy; all it does is make me love the game more. It's like finding out your best friend secretly enjoys dressing up potatoes as people; it's only ever going to make them more interesting to be around. 

So here's to you, Team Shinobi, for the golden times had and for many, many more in days to come. May you enjoy cold beers in the light of a golden sun, and revel in the game that you have done. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

new medal of honor game is now revealed

new medal of honor game has revealed and the game named with medal of honor war fighter 
and we have some pictures about this new game

there was a rumor says that medal of honor and god of war 4 and wwe is coming soon in this year and medal of honor is now revealed so god of war 4 and wwe 13 maybe will come in this year

UPDATED: Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Announced

Two new pokemon games will be heading to Japan this summer.

February 25, 2012

UPDATE: In a surprising development, it seems that the "third" entry in the fifth generation of Pokemon games will actually be two separate titles, releasing simultaneously. As mentioned below, they will be called Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 and they will release in Japan this June. No news on a North American release, but the U.S. site says they will be "coming soon."

The U.S. site also calls the games "two incredible new adventures" - which, paired with the Black 2 and White 2 branding, may suggest they are actually direct sequels of sorts to Black and White. To be clear, this has not been confirmed and is merely speculation. No official word has been given on whether it will feature the same story and areas as Black and White (as is traditional for these third entries) or whether it will somehow continue the adventure. Keep it here on IGN for all the latest.

UPDATE: The official Pokemon japanese website has been updated to include news of this new game. It mentions that "mysterious legendary Pokemon" will make an appearance. The images of these Pokemon (below) look like new forms of Black and White's legendaries Reshiram and Zekrom, perhaps somehow fused with Kyurem. Of course, only time will tell who they are for sure.

ORIGINAL STORY: The third entry in the Black and White set of Pokemon games has finally been confirmed. The game, which at least for now is called Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, will be released for Nintendo DS in Japan this June, no word yet on a global release date. 

News of this new Pokemon game has arrived care of series producer Junichi Masuda. Following yesterday's tease that big news was on the way, Masuda revealed the new game today during the Japanese show Pokemon Smash. 

No further details have been revealed at this time. Stay tuned to IGN for more updates as they come in. 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dark Legends - Gameplay Trailer

the first trailer for dark legends for iphone has revealed 

SSX Review ign

Extreme sports games died in the mid-2000s. They were a relic of last generation's ideals, a fleeting memory of joy that developers couldn't capture again. Then SSX rose from the dead in the most spectacular fashion, like Lazarus busting a 1080 nosegrab.

For the fifth canon installment in the SSX series (the Wii's SSX Blur doesn't count, apparently), EA Canada went all out in every aspect, bringing back familiar faces for their most epic adventure yet. Not that SSX needed a riveting story to get you into the idea of snowboarding around the world, but the plot revolves around team SSX trying to conquer the nine Deadly Descents (the most dangerous mountains in the world). Problem is, one of their former team members, Griff, claims he's going to do it first. Oh hell no. So it's a race to beat the douchey prettyboy to the mountains.

SSX Video Review

Whether you're carving through broken sections of the Great Wall of China, or leaping off of abandoned nuclear reactors, SSX never fails to excite. Every mountain range exudes an awesomely unique vibe, playing off the region's features. It takes skill and well-timed jumps to dodge the broken aircraft and steep, deadly cliffs of Patagonia. Grinding along Alaska's pipelines turns a normal snowboarding track into a rollercoaster. Every area in SSX provides an amazing, exhilarating ride. Even the "love it or hate it" ranges, like the dark mazes of Africa or the icy deathtraps in Siberia, are breathtaking trips.

The core of SSX has, since Tricky at least, been about pulling incredible, over the top tricks, and this SSX has that in abundance. Both the stick and button controls work extremely well, allowing you to pull off dozens of tricks in a row with complete ease. The real skill comes in keeping that combo up, an absolutely crucial strategy for getting those high scores (which generally lie in the 15-20 million point range). For the SSX enthusiasts, the classic controls are available too, though they seem more like a favor to fans than something you'd want to play with for some of the more difficult tracks.

Hitting the same tracks in a Race event, instead of a trick run, can change your entire strategy of the course, forcing you to find the fastest lines instead of the biggest air. And every course features multiple branching paths, hidden tunnels, and dangerous canyons, requiring expert precision to get those best scores. And sometimes just to survive.

You won't see this sh#$ at the Winter X Games.

SSX's newest component, the Survive It courses, test your ability to not eat it and die. Each of the nine mountain ranges feature a Deadly Descent, a mountain so dangerous that you need special gear to even ride it. It's here where things like the wingsuit come into play. While the other featured gear is nowhere near as exciting as the wingsuit (oh sweet, I get a headlamp?!), all of the actual Survive It events try to kill you in the most exciting ways possible. Giant avalanches try and swallow you up, freezing cold temperatures and lack of oxygen will suck the life from you, jagged rocks and trees threaten to crush your bones. So yeah, no sweat.

Throughout the entire game, RiderNet keeps track of your progress. Anyone who has played the last few Need for Speed games will recognize RiderNet as an Autolog-inspired online resource. From the second you load up SSX, RiderNet alerts you about what your friends are doing. Any scores posted or collectibles acquired pop up, and the game sets challenges for you based on your friend's scores.

Multiplayer in SSX comes in the form of Global Events, a constantly updating series of challenges open to everyone in the world (or just you and your buds). EA has challenges going all the time, and you can just drop in and try and post a high score or fast time. As you're racing along a course, other players doing the same show up alongside you in a crazy simultaneous event. For some, the lack of traditional multiplayer is a problem, but with the custom events that let you invite only your friends, you can get near that experience. Plus the Global Events and RiderNet combine to open up multiplayer in a much broader and more modern way that allows you to play SSX at your own speed and on your schedule, while still keeping that competitive edge with your friends.

Carve it up in SSX

What's a snowboarding game without a dope soundtrack, right? SSX goes hard with a lot of drum and bass from The Qemists. Skrillex provides the obligatory dubstep madness. Noisia's uptempo electronica is rad. Bands like Foster the People and The Naked and Famous represent the whiteboy rock contingent. And it's all accented by a Pretty Lights remix of Run-DMC's "It's Tricky" whenever you get your combo up. But what really makes the soundtrack so cool is that SSX auto remixes the songs as you race, and this works when you load your own music into the game as well.
SSX is the video game this generation has been missing. The feeble attempts of other, lesser snowboarding games to capture the adrenaline fueled excitement of SSX don’t compare at all. This is what happens when you don’t just put the game out every year, but spend your time crafting it, creating the ultimate experience. SSX redefines snowboarding games, raises the bar for the genre, then backflips over it.
out of 10Click here for ratings guide
An awesome global menu system, customizable everything, and even some neat comic book stories for the characters.
The huge, diverse mountain ranges look great, every character is mad stylish and over the top.
Eclectic and fun soundtrack from some of the industry’s hottest new electronic and rock names. Shame there’s not more voice acting.
Over the top, insane snowboarding action that blows the doors off every other boarding game.
8.5Lasting Appeal
RiderNet and Global Events provide constant challenge, despite the lack of traditional multiplayer.
Amazing ign                  choise
(out of 10)

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