Saturday, 10 March 2012

Report: Retailer Leaks New Batman, Battlefield Games

A leaked retail calendar has allegedly outed the existence of a new Battlefield game and a video game based upon upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises

According to a report by MCV, a release schedule from "a major UK High Street retailer" includes a video game tie-in for The Dark Knight Rises. The report claims that the game would be a full retail title rather than a downloadable release. 

Also included is a game called Battlefield Evolved. While no details are available, MCV speculates that the title may be a collection of Battlefield 3 along with its upcoming DLC. EA already has a high-profile Medal of Honor game coming in October and likely wouldn't time the release of a new Battlefield game so closely. 

Finally, Grand Theft Auto V is reportedly listed with an Autumn 2012 release window. 

None of this information has been confirmed, and all of it should be taken with a grain of salt. Previously, EA president Frank Gabeau made comments about Battlefield 4, but the title was never formally announced. Warner Bros. has also never announced a Dark Knight Rises video game and Rockstar has not commented on a Grand Theft Auto V release window. 

We've reached out to EA, WB Interactive and Rockstar and will update with any comment we receive. 


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