Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Demolition Mode

Valve has been updating its closed beta test for Global Offensive with returning maps and weapons for months, and in a recent update incorporated something considerably new. The added Arsenal: Demolition mode is currently playable on a small map called Lake. The conflict between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists still involves fighting over a bomb site, but the mechanics differ from the typical Counter-Strike experience.

You can't buy guns and can't drop them, for instance. Instead, you start with a M4A4 as a Counter-Terrorist and an AK-47 as a Terrorist. If you make a kill, your gun for the next round is downgraded to a P90. After another kill, you're given a Desert Eagle, then a shotgun, then a basic pistol. If you make multiple kills in a round, your new gun will be paired with a type of grenade, from a basic high explosive type to incendiary. After five rounds you switch sides, and after 10 a winning team is determined. 

CS:GO Lake Map Commentary

Each round is fast, as there's only one planting zone on Lake within a multistory house, making it easy to predict where the action will be. Even so, there are still plenty of places to hide, such as behind stacks of lumber in the house's from yard or behind third-story windows that overlook the map. The house's main floor where the bomb site is located is particularly dangerous, as it's surrounded by numerous breakable windows, making hiding difficult as you try to plant or defuse. 

Because the best players are penalized instead of rewarded with more money to buy better weapons, newcomers to Counter-Strike may find this mode a little easier. Of course, survival and success in Counter-Strike is mostly about skill, so even a franchise newcomer with an AK-47 is probably going to get headshotted nine times out of 10 against a veteran player carrying a weaker weapon, and that's only because the veteran's malicious roommate turned off his monitor the tenth time. 

You can check out the Demolition mode on Lake in the embedded video. More Arsenal modes will appear later on during the beta, including an Arms Race mode that mimics the popular Gun Game mod 


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