Monday, 13 February 2012

Sony Will Spend $50 Million on Vita Marketing

'Never Stop Playing' campaign kicks off.

February 13, 2012

Sony has revealed that it will spend $50 million on a new ad campaign for the PlayStation Vita.

The campaign will use the slogan 'Never Stop Playing' and according to John Koller, Sony's senior director of handhelds, the goal is to tell gamers that the Vita will let them "feel engaged and still feel like they're playing on a console."

It's no secret that the Vita isn't performing well in Japan, but Sony aims to make sure that history won't repeat itself after next week's North American and European launch. According to Koller, the campaign is "the largest platform launch in terms of marketing investment we've ever had."
- The New York Times

The campaign will feature a series of commercials put together by advertising agency Deutsch. According to Deutsch executive vice president and creative director Jason Elm, the commercials will show how the Vita "affects you socially" and were shot over three days in Buenos Aires. Narration saying "the world is your battleground" will highlight the Vita's multiplayer and augmented reality capabilities. "Gaming is no longer playing alone in a basement by one person with one machine; it's all networked," Elm said. 

The Vita will launch in North America and Europe on February 22nd, though an early adopter package will allow some gamers to pick it up on February 15th. For our thoughts on the system's launch line up,


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