Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why You Shouldn't Buy a 3G PS Vita

Why You Shouldn't Buy a 3G PS Vita

Making the case for the Wi-Fi-only model.

In just a matter of weeks, Sony's long awaited handheld, the PS Vita will make its debut in the United States. When it launches, customers will have two flavors to choose from -- a standard Wi-Fi-only model and a 3G-enabled version. But the luxury of having constant integrated connectivity comes at significant cost, including an extra $50 for the hardware itself and up to $30 a month in service fees. If the additional expense wasn't enough to dissuade you, here are three more reasons to pass on the 3G-enabled PS Vita.

The Vita's 3G Functions are Limited
It'd be one thing if the 3G-enabled PS Vita provided constant, unhindered connectivity to the system's entire suite of online features, such as realtime online multiplayer and full game downloads via PSN, but that simply isn't the case. In order to regulate network strain, AT&T and Sony will only allow for basic functions to be accessed over 3G, such as web browsing, PSN messaging, asynchronous multiplayer (i.e. turn-based games) and leaderboard access. If users want to play with other players online in realtime or download a larger game (assumed to be 20MBs or more) from the PSN, they will be required to connect to a Wi-Fi network. While the ability to message friends over the PSN and check leaderboard scores anytime, anywhere is certainly helpful, we'd hardly consider it worth the added monthly expense.


well most people it seems have a 3G something me on the hand do not. I have never owned 3G anything. so I say why not. alot of people it would not work out but for me there is no down side. not alot of games I want either so why not.

for me I do not see it so bad $50 for GPS basically with the option of 3G. I can understand why other people do not want because they already have a 3G phone or what have you but that is them.

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