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all we know about halo 4

Halo 4 is the eighth Halo game (Including Halo anniversary) and the sixth on the Xbox 360. Halo 4 begins a new trilogy of games called the The Reclaimer Trilogy, following the protagonist John-117 (Master Chief) of the original Halo trilogy. Halo 4 was announced on June 6, 2011 at Microsoft's E3 press conference. It has been confirmed for Xbox 360, but has not been announced for PC or the upcoming Xbox successor.

What's the plot of Halo 4?

Immediately following the events of Halo 3, Chief and Cortana were set adrift on the derelict ship, Forward Unto Dawn. In the Announcement Trailer, Cortana wakes Chief from his cryogenic stasis as the ship has come across an Unknown Planet.  
Halo 4 Announcement Trailer
The official description of the game from the Halo 4 website describes the plot thusly:
Set in the aftermath of Halo 3, Master Chief returns to confront his own destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe. Halo 4 marks the start of a new trilogy that begins with its release in 2012. 

Where does Halo 4 take place?

The Unknown Planet seen during the Legendary ending of Halo 3 was revealed in the Concept Art Trailer at Halo Fest. The planet shows giant ring-like developed areas that do not resemble Human or Covenant technology.
Halo 4 Concept Art Trailer
Based largely the concept art, much speculation has surrounded the extinct Forerunners and their existing superstructures like the Halo Array and the Ark. The rings and spires match known Forerunner architectural style.

When does Halo 4 take place?

Xbox 360 Official Magazine revealed in November 2011 that Halo 4 will take place in 2553. This is less than a year after the events of Halo 3. Although since Master Chief is coming out of stasis it is doubtful that it has been less than a year.  
The Story of Halo in Five Minutes

What is 'The Reclaimer Trilogy'?

At 343i's Halo 4 panel at Halo Fest 2011, Josh Holmes discussed the impending Halo trilogy and revealed the name of the upcoming three-game series, The Reclaimer Trilogy, which will include Halo 4, Halo 5 and Halo 6. 
Astute Halo fans will recall that Guilty Spark, the AI presence from the original Halo installation in Combat Evolved (and namesake of 343i, the Halo 4 developer), often referred to the Master Chief as the Reclaimer throughout their interactions. Guilty Spark also plays a prominent role in Halo CE Anniversary's new addition to the original game, the Terminals.

Who is developing Halo 4?

Bungie is no longer developing the Halo series. After Bungie separated from Microsoft in 2007, Microsoft created 343 Industries to develop the Halo series. Several staff members from Bungie transferred to 343i, such as Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor. 343i has previously developed the Halo Waypoint app and the Defiant map pack for Halo: Reach.

What characters are returning in Halo 4?

The only confirmed characters in Halo 4 were revealed in the initial Announcement Trailer. The subsequent Concept Art Trailer did not reveal any specific characters, but UNSC Ships and Vehicles (Pelican and human characters are apparent in the concept art.

Returning Characters

John-117 (Master Chief)
343 Industries has confirmed that we won't see the same old Master Chief in Halo 4. Frank O'Connor has confirmed that Chief's armor will undergo some changes in the new game.
"There's some fairly radical modifications to his armor," O'Connor said. "Some of those are an artistic evolution, but some are connected to the story. We just can't talk about it yet. He's been in space for a long time."
Master Chief won't be the only one who's different in Halo 4. Cortana will also have evolved since we last saw her in Halo 3.
"Seven years is the lifespan for a smart AI before it enters a state called rampancy," O'Connor said. "Cortana was getting close to the end of her natural lifespan at the end of Halo 3 but she has been exposed to far more information than any other AI in existence. She's going to develop some muscle from that process but it also contributes to her rampancy - that much information makes things worse."


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