Saturday, 28 January 2012

Official: Resident Evil Revelations Now $40

Official: Resident Evil Revelations Now $40

Get a taste of survival horror at the same price as every other 3DS game.

January 27, 2012

 A couple months ago, Capcom confirmed that its latest Nintendo 3DS title, Resident Evil Revelations, would cost $49.99 - $10 more than a typical release for the system. The publisher's justification at the time was the game needed a 4GB cart versus the standard 2GB that 3DS games routinely come on. Today the publisher has reversed its pricing plan - Resident Evil Revelations will only cost $39.99 when it arrives in stores on February 7.

In its announcement of the new price, Capcom explained it has been searching and negotiating for a way to bring Revelations' pricing more in line with other 3DS games. Apparently those negotiations paid off!

This price change only affects retailers in the United States, and should be reflected soon in most stores. Capcom suggests customers contact their local stores if they pre-ordered and paid for a game at the old price point.

That's one more reason to think about buying the game. Looking for a better look at the game? Check out
IGN's full Resident Evil Revelations review.



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